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Alobar Greywalker

31 Rhodiola Posts

       The community is very very quiet these days. Below is a list of links to my LJ regarding Rhodiola. Not all the posts pertain specifically to life extension, but they all point to long-term survival, vitality, and dealing with stress.

       Over the past half month, Rhodiola has made my life far easier and I have far more vitality.

        I gathered together all the LJ posts I made about Rhodiola over the years. Some contain material from various websites delineating it's many many uses, while other posts are my own observations from my own use of Rhodiola in this month.

       In some ways I feel like Ponce De Leon and the Fountain of Youth. 

       When I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2001, I began seeking some kind of magic bullet which would cure me. Along the way, I discovered life extension supplements, which tied into diabetes control.

        I began posting interesting material about Rhodiola back in 2009, but did not begin taking it until this month.

       The more I use it and the more research I do, the more things it is useful for.

       I am not saying Rhodiola is a magic bullet good for everything, BUT it appears to be such a useful supplement for so many MANY things, that I can't give a quick summation of uses and benefits in a paragraph or three.

       Hence this post.

31 Rhodiola posts
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