senrats (senrats) wrote in longevity,

General Nutrition

I want to go on a "maintenance cleanse and detox" soon. Just for my own peace of mind.
I've been using Tri-cleanse for about a month, drink mega green and pure pomegranate everyday but I've had my share of cheeseburgers thrown in. For the past 3 days I've avoided overly fatty foods, sweets and even breads. Kept the juices (veggie and fruit), coffee, oats based cereal products, some walnuts and turkey and cheese.

Meats: I used to be a vegetarian. I would love to impact the market again, but I've noticed that I perform best on an Atkins or Caveman like diet. I might have an iron deficiency, because red meat and a little iodized salt seems to pep me back up. I prefer home or baked steak cut potatoes (no loaded) with a little salt and chipoltle, beef and veggies and juices. Cereal grains in the morning or only as dessert. If I eat only grains, my energy drops too low.

To cut the ramble, I'd like to detox but keep a decent energy level and then choose a good diet for me.
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