senrats (senrats) wrote in longevity,

Downsides of looking Younger

Is there a community where psycho-emotional issues of looking younger can be discussed?

Having a young heart and semi-naive outlook doesn't/or does help with the age perception. Most people at my night job (behind a bar) think that I GO to school instead of TEACH at a school; always refer to me as young and college aged. I visited a colleagues school the other day dressed in nice shirt and tie. Despite my professional appearance a student there asked whether I was a student or a teacher.

Revealing your true age can sometimes hinder. If job superiors perceive you as younger, they are more patient, however, others offer more respect if they think you are older.

My appearance can change though, if I am stressed, don't eat right and don't get enough sleep. I know everyone rejuvenates, but mine is freakish sometimes. 7-8 hours completely restores me to baby skin.

Many issues here. It's hard to meet women 25-33. I get a lot of flirtations or interest from college aged girls or younger. Older women will lightly flirt thinking they are play flirting with a guy in his early to mid 20s. I'm not hung up on age as long as they are over 18, or preferably over 21. To me age is nothing but a number, but I would prefer not to have more than 15 years between myself and a date.

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