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Several posts in one, actually...

(1) People in this community will probably be interested to know that the March issue of Scientific American has an article on longevity with a strong emphasis on caloric restriction. It's actually the cover story.

(2) Anyone that, like me, has already read the article that I mentioned above, could you please respond to this post? I have a few questions about some things mentioned in the article that I'd like to discuss with someoen who's read it. My primary question regards what I read as their claim that drinking red wine might have the same effect as caloric restriction. I didn't find it clear whether they were saying that drinking red wine without caloric restriction has the same effect, or if they were saying that caloric restriction combined with drinking red wine (or other food products or drugs that might increase Sir2 and STAC in the body) is the way to go.

(3) I have not, to date, done a caloric restriction on my diet, but lately I have been thinking about doing so. I have several questions about this. One, from my understanding the suggestion is to lower ones caloric intake by about 30%. Is it best to do this through diet in regards to only eating fruits and vegetables for a few meals a day (for example, eating fruit and veggies for lunch but a full dinner), or is it also acceptable to limit the amount that one eats (for example, every other day, only eating dinner and skipping breakfast and lunch). Is one superior to the other? Is one not suggested? I go to the gym a few days a week (I think that being in good shape is also important to a long life), but I need more food to do so. If I don't eat enough then use a lot of energy at the gym I get lightheaded, nautious, etc. What are suggestions for dealing with this? Am I correct in assuming that CR is a long term thing, not a gauranteed every day thing? In other words, using CR as a part of ones diet doesn't have to mean that you can't ocassionally go to a friends birthday party of pig out, right?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer. Just for some basic history, so people know where I'm coming from: I am mostly-vegan, I take a multi-vitamin and a calcium pill twice a day. I go to the gym 3-4 days a week. I'm fairly active.
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